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Nothing But NetChoice: Federal Court Blocks Enforcement of California Age-Appropriate Design Code

A federal court in the Northern District of California recently granted a preliminary injunction in NetChoice v. Bonta that enjoins enforcement of…

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Same Old, Not Quite Same Old: Montana and Tennessee Adopt Comprehensive Privacy Laws, with a Unique Twist in Tennessee

The comprehensive state privacy law trend (and the related trend of enhanced job security for privacy professionals) shows no sign of slowing. Last month the…

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My Health, My Data, My Class Action Lawsuit: Why the Washington My Health My Data Act Deserves EVERY Company’s Attention

To say there’s been a lot of new privacy law in the last decade is an understatement. For those of us who think we’ve “seen…

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Privacy at the Crossroads of America: Indiana Becomes the Seventh State to Pass a Comprehensive Privacy Law

Hot on the heels of Iowa’s passage of the nation’s sixth comprehensive state privacy law, the Indiana legislature passed what is likely to be…

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Privacy in the Heartland: Iowa to Become Sixth State with a Comprehensive Privacy Law

An Iowa comprehensive privacy law bill titled An Act Relating to Consumer Data Protection, Providing Civil Penalties, and Including Effective Date Provisions…

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