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Back to the Drawing Board? The Top Ten Impacts of the California AG’s Modified CCPA Regulations (Part 1 of 2)

Last Friday, the California Department of Justice released a modified version of the Department’s proposed…

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Get Lost: Geolocation Privacy Claims Against Google Dismissed

Businesses’ use of geolocation technology is under significant public scrutiny, as demonstrated by a recent New York Times series spotlighting the practice and the…

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So Don’t Sue Me: Strategies for Responding to CCPA Consumer Enforcement Notices

After a holiday break marked by a steady stream of emails from media, technology, and retail companies announcing updates to their privacy policies, the California…

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Don’t Forget Truthfulness: FTC Uses Section 5 Authority to Police Deceptive Statements in Collection Notice and Website Privacy Policy

If you’re like us, you have probably noticed a recent trend of companies updating their website privacy policies to address the California Consumer Privacy Act…

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Dissecting OCR HIPAA Penalties: Why small breaches continue to drive big settlements and penalties

It is unsurprising that big data breaches lead to big costs (we see you Facebook). You would be forgiven, then, for assuming…

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